What comes to mind when you think of pizza? For many people, the first thing that comes to mind is comfort food. Pizza is a favorite for many people, and there are many different types of pizza to choose from.

But how do you define the target market for pizza?

If you’re in the pizza business – whether you own a pizza restaurant or a pizza takeaway place or you supply pizza-making ingredients – you will want to know who your target market is.

In this article, we will discuss the target market for pizza and take a closer look at who loves this delicious dish!

Different Segments of the Target Market for Pizza

To understand the target market for pizza, we need to first segment the market into different parts and then study each segment in isolation. This way we can understand the needs and wants of each segment and understand their motivations for buying or eating pizza as opposed to other equally delicious foods.

Such a study gives us the following segments of the market for pizza:

  1. People who love Pizza (the easy one!)
  2. People who love Italian food
  3. Home chefs who like to experiment with new recipes
  4. People looking for a quick snack
  5. People looking for a comforting meal
  6. Parents looking for a snack for their children
  7. Children (a very important target market!)

Let’s take a look at each of these segments in turn and try to

1. People who love Pizza (the easy one!)

The most obvious target market for pizza is people who love pizza! This is the target market that most businesses will target as it is the easiest to reach and the most likely to convert.

People may like pizza for different reasons. Some people love the taste of pizza, others love the convenience of being able to order a pizza and have it delivered to their door.

Some others love that they can store a frozen pizza in their freezer and simply cook it at home when they feel like it.

People who love pizza also love it when they can eat it in large quantities and so this crowd will always be attracted to buffet restaurants that have all-you-can-eat pizza offers.

2. People who love Italian food

Another target market for pizza is people who love Italian food. Italy is, of course, the home of pizza and many people love all things Italian – from the food to the culture.

For these people, eating pizza is about more than just the taste – it’s about experiencing a little bit of Italy in their own homes.

People who’ve been to Italy on vacation may also be part of this target market as they will have experienced the true taste of authentic Italian pizza and may want to recreate that experience at home.

If you have an Italian restaurant, you could target these people not just with great pizza but also with other Italian foods like pasta.

3. Home chefs who like to experiment with new recipes

Home chefs are always looking for new recipes to try out and pizza is a great option for them. There are endless possibilities when it comes to pizza toppings and home chefs love to experiment.

If you can target this group with new and innovative pizza recipes, they will be sure to try them out. You could even host cooking classes where people can learn how to make their own pizzas from scratch.

4. People looking for a quick snack

For many people, pizza is the perfect snack. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s filling. If you can target your marketing at people who are looking for a quick snack, you’re sure to find some success.

In Italy, many bars will serve pizza by the slice and this is a great way to target people who are looking for a quick snack. You could also target office workers who are looking for something to eat at their desks.

5. People looking for a comforting meal

For so many, pizza is the ultimate comfort meal. It’s warm, it’s cheesy, it’s satisfying and it’s easy to eat.

If you own an online food business, on Friday evenings and weekends, this can be an ideal target market for pizza for you.

People can order on your website and you could deliver the pizza to their homes or offer a takeaway option.

Throw in some options of specialty beers or craft beers and you’re good to go.

6. Parents looking for a snack for their children

Parents are always looking for a snack that is easy to make and that their children will like. The latter part is easy. Children always love pizza.

Parents generally look for healthy snacks for their kids and pizza is certainly not one of them, but from time to time parents will allow their children to indulge in a delicacy such as pizza in return for them eating without complaining or throwing tantrums.

Pizza is also a very versatile food and can be easily customized to suit the pickiest of eaters. Parents can also offer their children a variety of pizza toppings and make pizzas in different shapes and sizes.

7. Children (a very important target market!)

Children are a target market for pizza that is distinct from their parents because they are the ones who will actually be eating the pizza.

As mentioned before, children always love pizza. It’s a fact of life. But what makes children an even more important target market is that they are very influential in terms of what their parents purchase.

If a child sees a commercial for a new type of pizza and begs their parents to buy it for them, the chances are that the parents will give in and purchase it.

This is why it’s so important to target children when marketing pizza. You could use social media, online ads, or even in-store displays to get their attention and make them want to try your pizza.


Pizza is a universally loved food making the target market for pizza a large and diverse group of people.

The most obvious segment of this market includes people who simply love pizza. If we widen this net a bit, we get people who love all kinds of Italian food.

Being a versatile food that anyone can experiment with, pizza is an all-time favorite of home chefs. Home chefs can try out different toppings, different fillings in the dough and make the dough from different ingredients.

When anyone is looking for comfort food, pizza is usually somewhere on the top of their list. This is also the case with parents looking for an easy way out to feed their kids. And their children are obviously one of the easiest segments of the target market for pizza.