Craft beer has become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason. It can be delicious! Brewers are experimenting with new flavors, and people are starting to appreciate the complexity of craft beers.

But who is the actual target market for craft beer? Who are the people who love this beverage and why are they flocking to small, independent breweries in droves?

In this article, we will discuss the target market for craft beer and identify some of the key demographics that make up its customer base. We will also look at what attracts them to this type of beer.

If you are a business owner who wants to start selling craft beer or if you are thinking of making craft beer yourself, then this information should be helpful to you!

Target Market for Craft Beer
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What is Craft Beer?

You already know what Craft Beer is but for the sake of our discussion let’s define it. Then we can be sure that we’re on the same page.

Craft Beer can be defined as a beer that is made in small batches by an independent brewer.

Craft Beers are the opposite of those made by large corporations in mega factories. Brewers of craft beers often use traditional methods and ingredients to create their own custom brews.

Understanding the Target Market for Craft Beer: Who tries out new brews?

As someone trying to make craft beer or trying to market it, you might be wondering what motivates a consumer to try out a new beer? And why a craft beer?

In this section, we will answer such questions by analyzing consumer behavior that attracts people to craft beer.

The target market for craft beer is typically people who are looking for something different from the mass-produced, big-brand beers that dominate the market. They are typically looking for a beer that has more flavor and personality. And they are willing to pay a bit more for it if necessary.

Also, since craft beers can be alcoholic as well as non-alcoholic, there is an overlap between the target market for craft beer and the target market for non-alcoholic beverages. This can be a boon for craft beer breweries that would like to target those who do not drink alcohol.

When we segment the target market for craft beer based on consumer behavior we get the following market segments:

  1. People who like beer and want to try something new
  2. People who care about where their food and drink come from
  3. People who like to support small, local businesses
  4. People who are looking for a unique gift
  5. People who like to experiment with new flavors
  6. People who appreciate the art of brewing

1. People who like beer and want to try something new

This is the largest and most obvious target market for craft beer. These people are open to trying new things and are looking for a beverage that has more flavor than what they’re used to.

They may be interested in learning about the different types of beer and how they are made. Because they already enjoy beer they are not afraid to experiment. What’s the worst that can happen? They won’t like the new beer and they can move on to trying something else.

If you’re in the craft beer business, this segment of the market is your low-hanging fruit. If you hosting a beer tasting event for your new craft beers, people from this segment are the ones you need to attract first.

2. People who care about where their food and drink come from

An increasing number of people are interested in where their food and drink come from. They want to know that the products they consume are made ethically and sustainably.

Craft beers appeal to these people because it is often made using local ingredients and traditional methods.

Many people love the idea that they can walk into their local craft brewery and meet the brewer. They can ask questions about the brewing process and get to know the people who made their beer.

You can target this segment of the market by highlighting the sustainable and ethical aspects of your business. You can also host events where people can meet the brewers and discuss how you source the raw materials for making your beers.

3. People who like to support small, local businesses

There is a growing movement of people who like to support small businesses and independent producers especially if they are local. They feel good knowing that their purchase is helping someone in the community stay in business.

If you own a small local brewery you may want to connect with local organizations that help small businesses in your community. You may also want to meet local restaurants (that are not national chains) and ask them to carry your beer. Many small restaurant owners, being in the same boat, will appreciate the marketing boost they could get by carrying a beer from a local brewery.

In short, use your status as a small local business to your advantage by specifically trying to be different than the large beer conglomerates.

4. People who are looking for a unique gift

Craft beer makes a great gift because it is unique and interesting. It shows that you have taken the time to find something special for the recipient. Another reason is that it is often not something that the recipient would have bought for themselves and so it gives them the chance to try out something new without spending their own money.

5. People who like to experiment with new flavors

Craft beer is a great way to experiment with new flavors. Brewers are always coming up with new recipes, and there is something for everyone’s taste buds.

While many people will have a favorite beer, they will also be willing to experiment and try out new things. Large beer companies rarely come out with new beers with new tastes as often as beer lovers would like. On the other hand, small and microbreweries because of their size can be more flexible and more innovative and can regularly come up with new craft beers with new flavors to keep the market excited.

Introducing new flavors is also a great way to keep bringing back old customers and acquire new ones.

6. People who appreciate the art of brewing

Craft beer is not just about the drink itself – it’s also about the process of brewing. Many people appreciate the artistry that goes into making a craft beer. They enjoy learning about the different steps involved in the brewing process and how each one affects the final product.

If you own a brewery, host events where people can learn about the brewing process. Have tours of your brewery and talk to people about the different ingredients you use and how you make your beer. Show them how much care and the thought that goes into every batch.


The target market for craft beer includes people who are looking for something special to drink that is not their everyday mass-produced beverage. This is what attracts them to craft beers with style, personality and character.

The key to successfully crafting a marketing strategy that appeals to the target market for craft beers is by understanding what motivates people to buy craft beer in the first place.

People buy craft beer for different reasons, from wanting to try out something new, to supporting a local business, to experimenting with new flavors. Some are also interested in the brewing process itself including knowing where the beer comes from, while others look to craft beer as a great gift opportunity.

Regardless of which of these segments you decide to target with your craft beer, understanding their motivations behind a purchase will help you design marketing strategies and messages that will attract the right customers again and again.