Iced coffee is rapidly growing in popularity with more people choosing iced coffee over hot coffee during the summer and sometimes even during the colder months.

Why do these iced coffee lovers choose iced coffee instead of other cold drinks or snacks, like cold juice or ice cream? What is it about iced coffee that makes it so special? The answer lies in who iced coffee appeals to and why. And that is the topic of this article.

So, let’s jump in and find out more about the iced coffee target market by looking into what types of people buy iced coffee and why.

Understanding the Iced Coffee Target Market – Who Are They?

One of the best ways to understand the iced coffee target market is to understand what draws people to this drink as opposed to other drinks that can give them the same caffeine kick and be just as refreshing.

By understanding the key factors that iced coffee has going for it over other drinks, we can divide the iced coffee target market into the following segments:

  1. People who simply love iced coffee
  2. People looking for a refreshing drink on a hot day
  3. People looking for a caffeine kick
  4. People looking for a drink to go with a snack
  5. People who are on the go
  6. People who want cold-brew iced coffee
  7. People who want a healthier drink

Let’s take a closer look at each of these iced coffee target market segments.

#1. People who simply love iced coffee

Likely the most obvious iced coffee target market is the people who already love iced coffee. Iced coffee is their go-to drink during any season and at any time of day. There is something about this ice and coffee combo that has these people screaming, “Iced coffee lovers for life!”

There are a number of reasons why people in this category have made iced coffee their first choice. Some might be interested in a crisper, more refreshing caffeinated drink, while others who are always on the go want a drink that can keep up with their pace.

Others may be looking for a drink to keep them cool in year-round warm weather. Whatever the reason may be, this customer segment is loyal to iced coffee and not going anywhere.

#2. People looking for a refreshing drink on a hot day

As the sun hits its peak on a hot day, this segment of the iced coffee target market looks for a refreshing drink to quickly cool themselves down. That refreshing drink is—you guessed it—iced coffee.

On a hot day, many people don’t want to feel weighed down by a cold blended beverage, so iced coffee is the refreshing, lighter, non-alcoholic alternative. Some might want to avoid sugar-full drinks in warm weather, and since iced coffee is naturally unsweetened this drink can deliver.

Others may be interested in cooling down as quickly as possible with a drink that is easy to order and doesn’t require a long wait time.

#3. People looking for a caffeine kick

A large portion of people who drink iced coffee does so for a caffeine kick.

This segment of people might be interested in sipping an iced coffee on their commute into an early shift to arrive both awake and ready to work.

Others may be looking for iced coffee to give them their second wind or help them overcome their mid-day lull.

Students might be interested in a caffeine kick to pull an all-nighter to cram for a test, while workers might need it to stay late to prepare for a big presentation.

No matter the reason, there is no shortage of people looking for a caffeine kick, and iced coffee fits every caffeinated occasion.

#4. People looking for a drink to go with a snack

Is there anything better than having a chance to break for a snack? Yes, and that is when iced coffee gets added to the mix!

People in this group have the snacks but need the drink. Luckily for them, iced coffee pairs well with a wide variety of snacks, from croissants to cheese.

Some people may be trying to snack in between classes or before their next meeting so iced coffee is their quick go-to drink to quickly wash down the snack.

Others may be looking for an energy drink that extra energy boost. While a snack is a great way to give oneself a little energy throughout the day, when paired with iced coffee this effect can be maximized.

#5. People who are on the go

Iced coffee is a no-frills drink. Many people on-the-go value the efficiency, portability, drinkability, and simplicity that iced coffee has to offer.

When this target segment orders iced coffee, they know exactly what they are getting: coffee and ice.

It is quick to prepare and even quicker to order. You don’t need to wait for it to cool down to drink, you just grab and guzzle. People on the go are looking for a drink that can last through the morning and be enjoyed at its cool temperature all day.

Others may want to get up, drink their coffee immediately, and head out the door. Instead of having to wait for it to cool down to a drinkable temperature, they can just pour their home-brewed hot coffee over ice and enjoy.

#6. People who want cold-brew iced coffee

Even though this segment may not be the primary target market for iced coffee, it is an important target market for some. This is because only certain iced coffees are considered cold-brew.

The difference comes down to the brewing method. Traditional iced coffee tends to be made by brewing regular hot coffee and then pouring it over ice.

On the other hand, as the name suggests, cold brew is not brewed with hot water. People who want cold-brewed iced coffee are looking for an iced coffee that is easier on their stomach due to it being more alkaline.

And others may be looking for a smoother, less acidic flavor palate which is achieved through the cold-brewing process.

#7. People looking for a healthier drink

Again, this segment might not be the primary target market for iced coffee, but with more people taking an interest in eating and drinking healthy, especially with respect to their dietary choices, this segment may be an emerging primary target market.

Many people in this segment are likely more health and ingredient oriented. They want to make sure they know and understand the ingredients in their beverage in their pursuit of a healthier lifestyle.

Some are looking for an energy-boosting alternative to other sugar-packed caffeinated beverages. Others in this segment look to iced coffee for its low caloric value and potential health benefits.


From the dedicated iced coffee lovers to those simply looking for a quick, refreshing, caffeine kick there is no shortage of people drinking iced coffee. With such versatility, it is not surprising that iced coffee is so popular.

When it comes to the iced coffee target market, there are plenty of segments to reach. With the right marketing strategy, your iced coffee can find its place to thrive.