It’s no secret that farming is a year-round endeavor. Even in the coldest winter months, farmers are out working their land.

While it might seem like there isn’t much they can do to make money during the winter, there are actually several ways they can bring in some extra income!

So, how do farmers make money in the winter?

The most common way is by selling their crops and livestock to grocery stores and meat packing plants. However, there are other ways to make money during this time of year as well.

In this article, we will discuss seven different income sources that farmers can use to bring in extra revenue during the winter months!

How Do Farmers Make Money in the Winter?

In the colder parts of the world, winter months can be tough on everyone – including farmers. Many people don’t realize that farming is a year-round occupation, and even in the middle of winter, farmers are out working.

Once the harvest is over farmers need to already start getting ready for the next season. This involves performing maintenance and repairs on machinery.

Farmers need to start budgeting and planning their purchases for the new year. They need to test the soil to check for deficiencies. They need to start purchasing everything they need for the next season including seed, fertilizer, and any other necessary supplies.

All of these things take time and money, so how do farmers make sure they’re still bringing in an income during the winter? Below are some of the ways:

  1. Selling Crops and Livestock
  2. Working on farms in warmer parts of the country
  3. Handyman jobs
  4. Offer snow removal services
  5. Growing crops that can be grown in milder winters

Let’s look at each of these more closely.

#1. Selling Crops and Livestock

This is probably the most obvious way that farmers make money in the winter. Even though they’re not actively growing crops, they can still sell the ones they’ve harvested.

This is how most commercial farmers make the majority of their income – by selling their crops and livestock to grocery stores, meat packing plants, and other buyers.

Farmers that grow livestock like chickens or pigs can also sell the meat to butchers or directly to consumers. For instance, many farmers will sell hams and turkeys for Christmas and take orders directly on their websites.

#2. Working on Farms in Warmer Parts of the Country

Many farmers travel to warmer parts of the country to work on farms there. This is especially common for fruit and vegetable farmers.

Farms in California, Florida, and Arizona are always looking for extra help during their peak season which is usually from November to April. This is a great way for farmers to make some extra money and escape the cold weather!

Some farmers will even travel to other countries like Mexico or South America to work on farms there. This can be a great way for farmers to see the world and make some extra money.

#3. Handyman jobs

Most farmers are skilled at repairs and maintenance. This is a valuable skill that can be used to make extra money in the winter.

Farmers often take on handyman jobs like fixing fences, repairing roofs, or even painting to make some extra money during winter. They may chop wood and sell it as firewood.

Some farmers even offer their services to help build houses or barns for other people. Others are known to work for the city and help maintain roads or do snow removal.

Some farmers are also known to offer sports lessons for winter sports like skiing or snowboarding.

#4. Offer snow removal services

One of the reasons farmers cannot work on their crops during winter is because of the snow. This is especially true in the midwest and northeastern parts of the United States.

But what if farmers could use the snow to their advantage? This is where offering snow removal services come in.

Many farmers have plows attached to their tractors. This allows them to clear parking lots, driveways, and sidewalks after a snowstorm for businesses and homeowners.

Some farmers even offer their services to help clear roads for the city or state. This is a great way for farmers to make some extra money during the winter while also helping out their community.

#5. Growing crops that can be grown in milder winters

Not all is lost for farmers that want to continue growing crops during winter in some parts of the country where winters are relatively mild: more rain than snow. There are actually a few crops that can be grown in such milder winters.

Roots like potatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes, and beets can be grown in the milder winters. Some farmers also grow greens like spinach, kale, and lettuce.

And of course, in warmer regions like Florida and Southern California, farmers can actually grow a wide variety of fruits and vegetables all year round.


Farmers, by their very nature, are resourceful and creative people. They are used to finding ways to make money even in the winter!

From selling crops and livestock to doing handyman jobs, farmers have options when it comes to making money in the winter. Some farmers will offer their services to local industry or the city or county for snow removal, repair, and maintenance jobs.

And in some parts of the country, they can even continue growing crops! Farmers from regions with very cold winters even travel to warmer areas to find winter jobs on farms over there.