There are many different target markets for pens. Some of the most common include students, business people, and artists.

Each of these groups has different needs when it comes to pens.

In this article, we will explore the target market for pens and discuss why they use them. We will also look at some of the features that are important to different target markets.

Who is the Target Market for Pens?

To best understand the target market for pens, we need to first study the reasons why someone decides to buy a pen.

By understanding people’s motivations for needing pens, we can divide this market into customer segments and study each segment on its own.

This needs-based segmentation allows pen manufacturers and retailers to create or carry different types and brands of pens specifically targeted toward each segment.

Here are the main customer segments of the target market for pens:

  1. Small children
  2. High school / University students
  3. Working Professionals
  4. Artists
  5. Parents buying school supplies for their children
  6. Companies
  7. Collectors

Each of these segments has its own specific needs and reasons for using specific types of pens. Let’s take a closer look at each one.

#1 – Small children

When children just start writing, they need pens that are easy to hold and that have thick ink so their writing is visible.

As they get older, they will start using pens for different purposes such as drawing or taking notes in class.

Small children are also more likely to lose their pens, so manufacturers often target this market with pens that are inexpensive and easy to replace.

Pens for this segment of the market also need to be durable since children are not always gentle with them.

#2 – High school / University students

This segment of the target market for pens needs pens that are affordable since they usually buy in bulk for school.

They also need pens that are reliable since they will be using them frequently for taking notes and doing homework.

Some students also prefer pens that are stylish so they can express their personality. Functionality is important for this target market, but so is aesthetics.

Another factor to consider when targeting this market segment is – comfort. Many students need to write long essays and they need pens that will not cause them pain after extended use.

And a final point for high school students is that they may be required to use a certain kind of pen – like a fountain pen – and so pen manufacturers can target this market accordingly.

#3 – Working Professionals

This target market segment looks for pens that are functional. They need pens that will not leak or smudge and that have a long lifespan.

They also prefer pens that are comfortable to use since they will be writing a lot with them.

This target market is also willing to spend more money on a pen if it means getting a higher quality product.

Many working professionals will link their self-worth to the pen they own. Brands like Mont Blanc and Faber Castell target this market with luxury pens that come with a high price tag.

#4 – Artists

Artists need pens that are versatile so they can use them for different purposes.

They also prefer pens that have a wide range of colors and nibs to choose from.

Some artists even prefer pens that have different tip sizes so they can create different thicknesses in their lines.

Artists also target pens that are affordable since they often go through a lot of them.

#5 – Parents buying school supplies for their children

This target market is looking for pens that are affordable and that will last a long time.

They need pens that their children can use for different purposes such as taking notes and doing homework.

Parents also buy pens to keep around the house so that there is always a pen around when they need one.

If they have multiple children, they will often buy identical pens for all of them so they can prevent the kids from fighting over pens.

And finally, they need pens that are durable since kids can be hard on them.

When parents buy pens, they will often also buy other school supplies like notebooks, pencils, and paper.

#6 – Companies

Companies are also a target market for pens. When companies buy pens, they often do so in bulk.

They usually look for pens that are high quality so they can give them out to clients and customers.

Another factor companies consider when choosing pens is branding. They often want their company logo printed on the pens so that people will see it every time they use the pen. So they order pens that have space for the branding they need.

And finally, companies need pens that are affordable since they buy in large quantities. They are often in a position to negotiate with suppliers.

#7 – Collectors

This segment of the target market for pens looks for pens that are rare, unique or extremely expensive. One brand that fits this category is Graf von Faber-Castell.

Collectors also acquire pens that have a special meaning to them or that are associated with a certain event.

Pens for collectors often come in special packaging and may even be signed by the person who designed them.

Many collectors target pens that are no longer in production and so they are willing to pay high prices for them.


The target market for pens includes small children, high school/university students, working professionals, artists, companies, collectors, and parents buying school supplies for their children.

Each segment of the market has a different set of needs and preferences when it comes to pens.

Companies that make pens or stores that carry them need to be aware of the different target markets so that they can stock the right products.