Notebooks are a staple in the lives of students, professionals, and artists alike.

But people who use notebooks also own computers, laptops and tablets. So why do they still use notebooks?

What attracts them to the low-tech notebook rather than a high-tech device?

In this article, we will discuss the target market for notebooks and highlight some of the reasons why they are still so popular.

Who is the Target Market for Notebooks?

To best understand the target market for notebooks, we need to first study the reasons why someone decides to buy a notebook.

By understanding people’s motivations for needing and using notebooks, we can divide this market into customer segments and study each segment on its own.

This needs-based segmentation allows notebooks manufacturers and retailers to create or carry notebooks specifically targeted toward each segment.

Here are the main customer segments of the target market for notebooks:

  1. Small children
  2. High school students
  3. University Students
  4. Working Professionals
  5. Artists
  6. Parents buying school supplies for their children
  7. Companies

Each of these segments has its own specific needs and reasons for using notebooks. Let’s take a closer look at each one.

#1 – Small Children

Small children are the youngest target market for notebooks. They usually need notebooks for school projects or homework.

Notebooks for small children are often brightly colored with characters from their favorite TV shows or movies on the cover.

The pages of notebooks for small children are also usually lined to help them stay within the lines when they are writing.

Some notebooks even come with special features like built-in rulers or pockets for holding crayons and other supplies.

#2 – High School Students

High school students are a major target market for notebooks. They use notebooks for taking notes in class, doing homework, and writing essays.

High school students often need more than one notebook for different classes.

Notebooks for high school students are usually less decorated than those for small children.

They often come in a variety of colors so that students can choose one that represents their personality or style.

Many high school students prefer to buy notebooks with perforated pages so that they can easily tear out their notes and hand them in.

#3 – University Students

Once students reach university their needs for notebooks changes. Notebooks now compete with the laptop or the tablet.

Many students prefer to take notes on their laptops because they can type faster than they can write.

However, some students still prefer to take notes by hand because it helps them to remember the information better.

Others simply prefer the feel of writing on paper to typing on a keyboard or using a stylus on a tablet.

#4 – Working Professionals

Working professionals are another target market for notebooks. They use notebooks for taking notes in meetings, writing down ideas, and making to-do lists.

Many working professionals prefer small, portable notebooks that they can easily carry with them in their bags.

They also often need more than one notebook so that they can have a separate notebook for each project they are working on.

#5 – Artists

Artists too are a target market for notebooks. They use notebooks for sketching out ideas, drawing, and painting.

Notebooks for artists often have heavyweight paper so that they can stand up to a lot of erasing and reworking.

They also usually have blank pages rather than lined pages so that artists have more freedom to create.

Notebooks for artists come in a variety of sizes, from small pocket-sized notebooks to large format sketchbooks.

#6 – Parents buying school supplies for their children

Finally, parents are a target market for notebooks because they buy notebooks for their children to use for school. Parents usually want notebooks that are durable and will last all year.

They also often look for notebooks with special features like pockets or built-in rulers.

Many parents also prefer to buy notebooks in bulk so that they have enough for all of their children.

When parents buy notebooks, they will often also buy other school supplies like pens, pencils, and paper.

#7 – Companies

Companies, small and large, order branded notebooks and make them available to their employees for free.

Employees use notebooks for taking notes during meetings, tracking project deadlines, and jotting down ideas.

Custom branded notebooks help companies keep their brand top of mind with employees and clients.

Custom notebooks make great promotional items because they are useful and have a wide appeal.


The target market for notebooks includes small children, high school students, university students, working professionals, artists, parents buying school supplies for their children, and companies.

Each segment of the market has a different set of needs and preferences when it comes to notebooks.

Companies that make notebooks or stores that carry them need to be aware of the different target markets so that they can stock the right products.