If you own an architectural firm or are planning to start one you will need to know who your target market is.

Not everyone needs an architect. But when someone needs architectural work done, they will usually always look for a qualified architect or hire an architectural firm.

So, who is the target market for architectural firms?

In this article, we will discuss who needs architectural firms and why. We will review the different segments of this market and see what makes them select one architectural firm over another.

Who is the Target Market for Architectural Firms?

To best understand the target market for architectural firms we try to understand who needs an architect and why.

Once we answer these questions we can divide the market into segments and study the needs and wants of each segment separately.

Such needs-based segmentation gives us the following main segments of the target market for architectural firms:

  1. People who are remodeling or building a house
  2. Businesses that need to build an office or facility
  3. Construction companies
  4. Interior Designers
  5. City administrations (for urban planning, landscape design)

Let’s look at each of these segments more closely.

1. People who are remodeling or building a house

An important target market for architectural firms – especially smaller firms – is people who are planning to remodel or build a house.

For these people, an architect is often a necessity rather than a luxury. They need someone to help them turn their vision for the perfect home into a reality.

Without a good architect, the risks of making mistakes in the design and construction of a house are simply too high. A bad design can lead to costly changes during construction, while a poorly constructed house can be unsafe and uncomfortable to live in.

And while people who are looking for an architect may be willing to compromise on some aspects, they usually want someone who will understand their vision and be able to turn it into reality.

People looking for an architect are also usually in the market for an interior design firm and so some architectural firms provide both services – interior design and architecture.

2. Businesses that need to build an office or facility

Many businesses decide that they want a custom-designed office interior that is suitable for the type of work they do.

For instance, high-tech or software companies often want an open office layout that encourages collaboration and creativity.

On the other hand, law firms or accounting firms may prefer a more traditional office layout that conveys a sense of gravity and seriousness or that allows for private discussions.

Similarly, a retail store may need the entire layout of the store to be designed to encourage browsing while making it easy for customers to find what they are looking for.

In all these cases, businesses will need the help of an architectural firm to design the premises.

3. Construction companies

Construction companies are another important target market for architectural firms.

Construction companies are usually the ones that actually build the structures designed by architects. As such, they need to have a good working relationship with one or more architectural firms.

The relationship between a construction company and an architectural firm is often a symbiotic one and each one is a target market for the other.

For instance, a construction company may take the lead on a project and bring in an architectural firm to handle the design and architecture of the project. In this case, it is the construction company that decides which architectural firm to use.

On the other hand, if the customer starts the design and conceptualization process first with the architectural firm then the architectural firm is in the lead role and will dictate the type of construction company that is used to build its designs.

4. Interior Designers

Interior designers are often thought of as the target market for furniture companies or home decor retailers.

However, they can also be a target market for architectural firms.

This is because interior designers often need the help of architects to realize their vision for a space.

They may need an architect to design custom furniture or to create a floor plan that can accommodate the furniture and layout that they have in mind. Or when they are thinking of home decor, they may have the big picture in mind but need an architect to help them turn their vision into reality.

In some cases, interior designers may even need an architect to design an entirely new space, such as a loft or an apartment.

5. City administrations

Another type of architecture includes work related to city planning. Here a city administration could require the services of an architectural firm specializing in urban planning and landscape design.

This work involves designing parks, public squares, and other types of outdoor spaces. It also includes designing the layout of streets and sidewalks, as well as the placement of buildings and other structures.

This type of work is usually done by larger architectural firms that have the necessary expertise and resources.


The target market for architectural firms generally includes people who are building a new home or remodeling their existing one. It includes businesses that need a specific design for their offices or factories.

Construction companies also need to bring in architectural firms to design the building or structure they need to construct. Similarly, interior designers often need the help of an architect to convert their vision into reality.

And finally, city administrations need architectural firms to help with urban planning and landscape design at public places like parks, playgrounds, schools, and train stations.