Jet2 is a low-cost, leisure airline that serves the UK market with flights within the UK and holiday destinations in continental Europe. Headquartered in Leeds Bradford Airport in the UK, it is known for its low-cost, no-frills approach to air travel.

The Jet2 target market is primarily leisure travelers, and the airline has been successful in appealing to this demographic by offering low fares and a relaxed atmosphere onboard its flights.

In recent years with all businesses looking to cut the cost of travel, Jet2 has seen its popularity amongst business travelers grow as well.

In this article, we’ll study the Jet2 target market and understand the types of people who choose to fly this airline and the circumstances under which they do so.

Who is the Jet2 Target Market?

People who choose to travel by air have many different airline options to choose from. Jet2 is one such option, especially for people traveling within the UK and to continental Europe.

One of the best ways to understand the Jet2 target market is to segment this market based on the type of passengers that use it and then study the needs, wants, motivations and drivers of each of these segments.

The Jet2 target market can be divided into the following customer segments:

  1. Single Travelers
  2. Families with small children
  3. Group Travelers
  4. Elderly Travelers
  5. Business Travelers
  6. Leisure Travelers

Let’s look closely at each of these segments of potential customers of Jet2.

#1. Single Travelers

Single travelers are people who are traveling alone. They may be doing so for business or leisure reasons, but they do not have any companions with them on the flight.

Single Travelers are typically looking for the quickest and most convenient way to travel. For short-haul travel, they are often willing to forgo the amenities and services that come with flying first or business class in order to save time and money.

Jet2 offers these travelers a no-frills, low-cost option for air travel.

#2. Families with small children

Families with small children are a key target market for airlines. These families are often looking for flights that offer good value for money, as they are often traveling on smaller budgets per head than single travelers.

This makes a low-cost airline like Jet2 an attractive option for families going on holiday or visiting family over short distances and also over short timeframes.

#3. Group Travelers

Group travelers are people who are traveling together in a group. They may be doing so for business or leisure, but they usually have at least one other person with them on the flight. Group travelers can be attracted to package deals including flight, hotel and meals, and will often book through travel agencies.

When people travel in a group, decisions about which airline to fly are often made by the person who is organizing the trip or a travel agency or a tour operator.

So, while the members of the travel group are a Jet2 target market, they may not be the ones who choose Jet2 as the airline of choice for their trip.

#4. Elderly Travelers

Elderly travelers tend to prefer comfort if they can afford it. Sometimes they require special assistance getting to and from the aircraft and across the airport. Elderly travelers also tend to travel less and so may be willing to spend more on flights that offer a better experience.

Having said that, given a choice most elderly travelers will prefer to fly Jet2 because it offers good value for money. For those living on a fixed income, like a pension, Jet2’s low fares can make air travel possible where it otherwise might not be.

#5. Business Travelers

Business travelers are people who travel for work and make up a growing segment of the Jet2 target market. They often have strict schedules to keep and need to book flights that offer the most convenient departure and arrival times.

However, with a tightening of corporate budgets, many business travelers are now being asked to fly low-cost carriers like Jet2 instead of other airlines that may offer a more comfortable or luxurious experience.

Business travelers are often willing to sacrifice some comfort for the sake of saving their company money.

#6. Leisure Travelers

Leisure travelers are people who are traveling for leisure or pleasure and they constitute a major segment of the Jet2 target market.

Leisure travelers look for flights that offer good value for money, as they often travel on a budget. They also tend to have more time on their hands and are not as restricted by schedules as are business travelers.

The exception to this is when leisure travelers are also small families in which case, they may have travel date restrictions related to school holidays.

Leisure travelers are often attracted to destinations that offer a good mix of culture, relaxation, and nightlife. They may also look for flights that offer stopovers in interesting places so they can explore more places during the same trip.

Leisure travelers are a big Jet2 target market because Jet2 flies to interesting locations and often has good deals on flights.


The Jet2 target market includes a wide range of people looking for a reliable and comfortable flying experience.

Jet2 offers low prices and a no-frills experience which can be attractive to different groups of travelers.

People who fly on Jet2 can be segmented into different categories like single travelers, families, groups, business travelers, and leisure travelers. Out of these, leisure travelers make up the bulk of the Jet2 target market.