Green tea is becoming an increasingly popular drink, especially among those looking for ways to improve their health.

Weight loss, cancer prevention, and improved heart health are some of the benefits associated with green tea.

But who drinks green tea? And why? In this article, we will try to understand the target market for green tea by understanding what motivates people in the modern age to consume this ancient beverage.

We’ll also provide you links to further reading material on the health benefits of green tea in case this is a topic of interest to you.

So, if you’re interested in finding out more about the market for this fascinating beverage, keep reading!

Target Market for Green Tea

Understanding the Target Market for Green Tea

The Green Tea market is a subset of the growing market for non-alcoholic beverages. Those who do not wish to consume any alcoholic beverage for health reasons, automatically look for healthy alternatives. And Green tea is one of them.

To understand the target market for green tea, we will focus on what motivates people to drink this beverage.

Here are the main reasons why people drink green tea:

  1. Love the Taste
  2. Health benefits
  3. Cultural reasons
  4. Social reasons
  5. Spiritual reasons

Love the Taste

The appreciation of the taste of green tea parallels the appreciation people feel about a good wine.

The flavor of green tea is both subtle and complex, providing drinkers with a refreshing beverage they can enjoy time and time again. Unlike coffee or black tea, which can be quite bitter, green tea has a light bitter-sweetness that makes it more palatable for those who are new to drinking it.

Green Tea for the Taste

Additionally, the slight bitterness of green tea helps cleanse the palate and prepares it for the next bite of food. This is why green tea is often consumed after meals as a digestive aid.

Health Benefits

Green tea has been consumed for its health benefits for centuries. Today, many health benefits of green tea that have been known in countries like China and Japan for a long time, are now being (re)discovered in the West.

Some of the well-known health benefits of green tea are:

  • Reducing the risk of heart disease
  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Boosting the immune system
  • Protecting against the risk of cancer
Green Tea for Health Benefits

For a more detailed read on the health benefits of green tea, we refer you to this excellent article by Healthline.

People who start drinking green tea are usually willing to pay a premium for the highest quality of green tea like the Matcha. These consumers can be segmented based on price and targeted with the most expensive, high-end green teas.

You can find more reading material on this topic in the ‘Further Reading’ section at the end of this article.

Cultural Reasons

Green tea has been consumed for centuries in many different parts of the world for cultural reasons. In East Asia, green tea is often consumed at social gatherings and important events. It is also used as a ceremonial drink to welcome guests or celebrate special occasions. In Japan, green tea is considered a symbol of respect, and it is often served to guests who are visiting someone’s home.

Green Tea for Cultural Reasons

The popularity of green tea in the West has grown in recent years, and it is now widely consumed for its many health benefits. However, many people still drink green tea for its cultural significance. For example, some people drink green tea every morning as a way to start their day off right, while others drink it as a way to relax at night before going to bed.

Social Reasons

Many people in China and Japan not only drink green tea, but they also enjoy the ritual of preparing it. There is a long tradition of socializing while drinking green tea that has been going on for hundreds of years.

In modern-day Japan, there are still many teahouses where people meet to drink and discuss. Many of these teahouses are private and require an invitation to enter, while others are public places where anyone can go to enjoy a cup of green tea with friends or colleagues.

If you haven’t seen a traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony, it’s really worth a look:

Japanese Tea Ceremony

Spiritual Reasons

Some people include the drinking of green tea in their spiritual practice. This can include the consumption of green tea before meditation, prayer or other spiritual rituals.

Green tea has been used for thousands of years in spiritual practices. It is known to improve mental clarity and focus, enhance relaxation and meditation, reduce stress levels, and calm the mind and emotions. For many, such experiences, together with drinking green tea, are a part of their spiritual journey.


People drink green tea for different reasons: some because they like the taste, others because of the health benefits, while still others have cultural or social reasons for consuming it. Some people even drink it for spiritual reasons.

Marketers of green tea should take into consideration people’s motivations for drinking this beverage. Green Tea products should be designed, branded, marketed, and distributed based on the drivers that make consumers buy this beverage.

And understanding these drivers is the first necessary step for success in this market.