Do you love cookies? Of course, you do. Who doesn’t, right? Cookies are a delicious treat that a lot of people enjoy.

But how can we define the target market for cookies? Who exactly are these cookie-lovers and what do they want from their cookies?

The interesting fact is that not only do different people like different types of cookies, but very often they will like them for different reasons.

From a marketing standpoint, these reasons are very interesting. Because once we understand a consumer’s motivations for craving a cookie, we can create new types of cookies to cater to that craving and device marketing strategies to get entice the consumer to make a purchase.

So, in this article, we will study the target market for cookies by analyzing some of the reasons why people love cookies and what makes them so popular.

Understanding the Target Market for Cookies

A cookie is such a universally available and widely loved snack that defining and segmenting the target market for cookies is actually a daunting task.

So, what is the market for cookies? Is it the same as the market for desserts? Or the target market for cakes? Or does it overlap with the target market for snacks?

We’ll tackle answering such questions not by looking at cookies themselves or at the hundreds of different types of cookies that exist but by looking at the consumer and asking ourselves – Why do people love cookies?

When we focus on the “Why” we get to the root of people’s motivations. By understanding motivations, we can design new products (in this case new types of cookies) and find ways to market the products so that they can reach and appeal to the consumer for whom they have been made.

Such a needs-based segmentation gives us the following segments of the target market for cookies:

  1. People who just love cookies
  2. People looking for a snack
  3. People looking for a sweet treat
  4. People looking for an energy boost
  5. People looking for something to pair with a drink
  6. Parents looking for a snack for their child

1. People Who Just Love Cookies

This is the most obvious segment of the target market for cookies. For so many people, cookies are just a delicious treat that they enjoy and most of them will buy any type of cookie, no matter what the flavor or ingredients. They just want something sweet and tasty to eat.

For these people, cookies are usually an impulse purchase – something they see, crave and want right away. This means that the packaging and placement of cookies in stores are very important to attract this segment of the market.

The packaging should be eye-catching and make the cookies look delicious. They should also be placed prominently in stores, preferably near the cash register where people will see them as they are waiting in line to pay.

2. People Looking for a Snack

For other people, cookies are a snack that tides them over till their next meal. These people are usually looking for something with some staying power – something that will give them some energy and keep them going.

This segment of the market could also be interested in cookies that give them additional nutritional benefits like fiber or protein.

People in this segment are usually more interested in the ingredients of the cookies and how they will affect their hunger. They are also more likely to look for a healthier option than people in the first segment.

3. People Looking for a Sweet Treat

For many with a sweet tooth, cookies are the perfect sweet. They are small and portable, so can be taken anywhere. They come in a wide variety of flavors and textures, so there is always something new to try.

People in this segment of the target market for cookies can be very interested in trying new and innovative flavors or unusual combinations. They might also be willing to pay a little more for a higher-quality cookie.

To target this segment, you should focus on creating new and interesting flavors. Also, make sure your marketing campaigns and product displays highlight the quality of the ingredients that go into your cookies.

4. People Looking for an Energy Boost

This segment is interested in cookies as a way to get an energy boost. They might be looking for a pre-workout snack or a pick-me-up in the afternoon.

They might buy cookies specifically for the purpose of getting some energy or because they see cookies as a convenient way to get some extra calories.

This segment of the market will also be interested in healthy cookies. They will often look for cookies that have extra protein or fiber to help them fuel their workout or their day.

5. People Looking for Something to Pair with a Drink

For some people, cookies are something to eat with a drink. These people might be looking for a snack to go with their coffee or they might want something sweet to eat after dinner.

This segment of the target market for cookies will be conscious of the flavor or taste of the cookie they purchase. They might be looking for a cookie that will complement their drink or one that has a strong flavor that can stand up to their drink.

To target this segment with your cookies, highlight how well your cookies can be paired with common drinks like coffee, tea, or milk. You could also highlight unusual flavor combinations that would be interesting to people looking for something new to try.

6. Parents Looking for a Snack for Their Child

Parents are always on the lookout for healthy snacks for their children.

Cookies can be a great option because they are small and easy to eat. They can also be a good source of nutrients like fiber or protein and, best of all, most kids love cookies.

To target this segment, be sure to highlight the health benefits of your cookies or the fact that they are made with all-natural ingredients (if that’s the case).

You could also offer smaller sizes that are perfect for a child’s lunchbox or an after-school snack.


The most obvious segment of the target market for cookies includes those who love cookies. This group of people will eat all kinds of cookies regardless of taste, texture or ingredients.

Many people will eat cookies as a snack to keep them going till the next meal or to satisfy their cravings for something sweet. People will eat cookies to get an energy boost or to pair with their drinks.

And finally, parents who are always on the lookout for a healthy snack for their children will turn to cookies as the easy go-to snack that kids will accept.

By understanding your target market for cookies, you can better design your products to appeal to the segments of the market that are most likely to buy them.