Are you looking to start a travel agency? Or do you already have one and are looking to expand into new markets? If you answered yes to either question and you’re trying to figure out who your ideal target market is, then this article is for you!

When it comes to the travel industry, there are a lot of different target markets that travel agencies can focus on. Depending on the type of services that you offer, your target market could be singles, families, couples, business travelers, or luxury travelers.

The target market for a travel agency will also change based on the type of travel and travel experiences being offered. For instance, you will attract a different type of customer if are offering adventure travel as opposed to romantic getaways.

Similarly, your target market can change based on the travel destinations that you offer.

In this article, we will analyze the market from different angles and discuss some of the needs of the different segments that constitute the target market for a travel agency.

Target Market for Travel Agency
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Target Market for a Travel Agency: Different Types of Travelers

One way to understand the target market for a travel agency is to classify the various types of travelers into different segments.

Here are the most common types of travelers:

  1. Single travelers/backpackers
  2. Couples
  3. Families with small children
  4. Families with teenagers
  5. Retirees
  6. Business travelers
  7. Luxury travelers

Each type of traveler has different needs and wants when it comes to planning a trip. Let’s briefly look at each the of needs of each type.

Single travelers/backpackers

The needs of single travelers or backpackers are quite different from those of other types of travelers. They are usually looking for budget-friendly options and are not as concerned with luxury or comfort. They often want to explore new places and experience new things, so they may be more interested in adventure travel.


Couples often want a romantic getaway where they can relax and spend time together. They may be interested in luxury travel options, but their budget will also be a factor in their decision-making.

Families with small children

Families with small children often have different priorities when it comes to travel. They may be looking for family-friendly hotels and activities, that are reasonably priced. They will also want to consider the needs of their children when choosing a destination.

Families with teenagers

Families with teenagers often have similar concerns to those of families with young children, but they may also be interested in destinations that offer activities for their teenagers.


Retirees often have more time and money to travel, so they are looking for luxurious and relaxing options. They may also want to consider destinations that offer good healthcare facilities and in general, are safe for older travelers.

Business travelers

Business travelers need convenient and affordable flights, as well as comfortable hotels that are close to commercial areas or their meeting venues. They usually do not have time to explore the destination and are looking for pre-planned tours that offer everything they need.

Luxury travelers

Luxury travelers want the best of the best when it comes to their travel experiences. They are willing to pay more for luxurious accommodations, top-notch restaurants, and exclusive activities. They often like to explore new places and try out different activities. If you are following price segmentation practices, you can target this segment with your premium travel packages.

Target Market for a Travel Agency: Different Types of Travel & Experiences

Target Market for Travel Agencies
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Here are some of the different types of travel and related travel experiences that a travel agency can offer its target market:

  1. Leisure Travel
  2. Adventure Travel
  3. Romantic Getaways
  4. Group Travel
  5. Luxury Travel
  6. Gastronomic Travel

Each type of travel has different target markets. Let’s briefly look at the target market for each type of travel.

Leisure Travel

Leisure travelers are looking to relax and escape from their everyday lives. They often want all-inclusive resorts that offer a wide range of activities.

Adventure Travel

Adventure travelers are looking for new and exciting experiences. They often want to explore off the beaten path destinations and try out new activities.

Romantic Getaways

Romantic getaways are popular among couples who want to spend time together in a relaxed setting. They often want luxurious accommodations and exclusive experiences.

Group Travel

Group travelers often want to travel with a group of friends or family. They may be interested in all-inclusive resorts, but they also want the option to explore the destination on their own.

Luxury Travel

Luxury travelers are looking for the best of the best when it comes to their travel experiences. They often want to stay in luxurious accommodations, eat at top-notch restaurants, and try out exclusive activities.

Gastronomic Travel

Gastronomic travel is a growing market with people increasingly traveling for the purpose of trying cuisines from other parts of their country or other parts of the world. And so travel agencies that can create packages focused on gastronomic experiences can win customers from this segment.


As a travel agency, if you try and offer everything to everyone you may make no one happy. So make sure you pick your market segments well and offer travel services that will appeal to target market segments.

Think of the type of customer you wish to focus on. Is the single traveler or backpacker? Or do you prefer to focus on retirees? Or families with small children?

Once you know who you would like to target, you can then pick from the different travel modes and experiences that would be appealing to your selected target market segments. If you are targeting couples, offer romantic getaways. If you’re targeting retirees, offer group travel options.

Remember, picking the right type of traveler and then offering travel packages and experiences suited to their needs will be your key to success.