A Horse Farm is a farm where horses are bred, trained, and/or boarded. It typically has a large pasture for the horses to roam, as well as a stable for them to sleep in at night.

Many horse farms offer riding lessons and trail rides to the public. Some even have on-site veterinarians and farriers.

So how do horse farms make money?

Different horse farms make money in different ways and each horse farm is better at one of these compared to the others.

In this article, we’ll review the top 5 ways in which horse farms make money.

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How Do Horse Farms Make Money?

The top 5 ways in which horse farms make money are:

  1. Selling horses
  2. Boarding horses
  3. Breeding horses
  4. Training horses and
  5. Providing equine-related services

Each of these methods has its own unique benefits and challenges. Let’s take a closer look at each of them!

#1. Selling horses

Selling horses is just one of the top ways in which a horse farm can make money. Selling horses can be a dream job, but it isn’t without challenges.

For starters, to sell a horse, you must first have a horse to sell. To maximize the selling profit, you will want to have a good eye for horses and be able to assess a horse’s conformation, potential lameness, and trainability.

With all that being said, it is easy to lose money when trying to sell horses at a profit. A lack of buyer interest, an injury to the horse, or a training issue could all lead to a horse sale that is less than your original price and subsequent expenses.

#2. Boarding horses

If you own farm property and have the extra space, consider opening your barn for boarding horses. That being said, it isn’t as easy as putting an “Open for Boarding” sign on your front lawn.

Boarding horses has the potential to give a decent recurring income, depending on your rates, the number of horses your farm can hold, and whether you offer additional services such as turnout, blanketing, and deworming.

However, it is still a business, and some legal, contractual, and organizational issues will need to be resolved before your horse boarding business can open.

#3. Breeding horses

While breeding horses makes our top five list of ways horse farms can make money, it is a risky business. The return on investment when breeding horses is never a guarantee, and most horse breeders consider breaking even a win.

Breeding horses is a high-risk, high-reward venture. Any number of uncontrollable events can lead to a horse breeder’s investment ending in a total loss, including horse injuries, deaths, and low performance.

The money in horse breeding comes from creating horses and selling them. Depending on the breed of horse and the quality of the bloodlines being used, the income produced from breeding horses can be drastically different from one breeding farm to another.

The goal is to breed high-performing horses in the hopes of breeding a champion horse, which could be very profitable for the breeding farm.

#4. Training horses

Horse training can be a very rewarding way to make money, but it can be a difficult business to scale as it normally requires a large time investment from the owner or operator.

Horse training farms generate their income by charging for their training services and for the boarding services while a horse is kept at the training farm.

However, training horses can present challenges when a training farm employs only a single horse trainer, as any issue that arises with the trainer will affect the farm’s ability to continue offering services.

#5. Providing equine-related services

In addition to the four categories above, horse farms can make money through a variety of other equine-related services. Some of the most profitable horse farms are those that can combine multiple streams of income.

For example, one farm can exist as both a breeding farm and a horseback riding stable.

Even more income can be had by offering any of the following additional services: filming educational videos about your horse business or general horse knowledge to upload online, selling riding equipment, offering horseback riding camps, lessons, and trail rides, and hosting horse-themed retreats, parties, and photoshoots.


So, how do horse farms make money? The top ways include selling horses, boarding horses, breeding horses, training horses, and providing equine-related services.

Each of these income sources comes with its own pros and cons. They are also interconnected with most horse farms making money from more than a single source. For instance, horse farms that board horses also often offer to train them. They are also likely to offer other services like riding lessons.

Likewise, horse farms that breed horses are also likely to sell them either for themselves or on behalf of the owners of the horses used for breeding.