Did you train as a figure skater all your life and are now wondering if there is a way for you to take your skills and experience and generate income with it? If yes, then this article is for you.

Most people don’t realize that figure skating can be a career and that there are many different ways to make money as a figure skater.

So how do figure skaters make money?

In this article, we will discuss 7 different income sources for professional figure skaters. We will cover sponsorships, endorsements, giving lessons and more!

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How Do Figure Skaters Make Money?

The goal is this article is to discuss how professionally trained figure skaters who may or may not skate competitively anymore can make money using their skills, expertise and knowledge of ice skating.

Here are the 7 top ways in which figure skaters can make money:

  1. Prize Money
  2. Sponsorships
  3. Endorsements
  4. Giving Figure Skating lessons
  5. Holding Figure Skating Clinics and Camps
  6. Working at Ice Rinks
  7. Working at Figure Skating Shows

Let’s now look closely at each of these ways in which figure skaters can make money.

#1. Prize Money

One of the ways that figure skaters who are still participating in competitions earn money is through prize money.

Figure skaters participate in competitions for singles as well as pairs and ice dance. The prize money is usually awarded to the top three places in each of these categories.

Unfortunately, this form of income is only available to figure skaters who are still actively competing and is not an option for those who have retired from competitions.

#2. Sponsorships

Sponsorships can be a great way for figure skaters to earn money, especially if they are still competing.

Sponsorships usually come in the form of monetary support from companies in exchange for the figure skater wearing or using their products during competitions.

This is a great way for companies to get their products seen by a wide audience and for figure skaters to earn some extra income.

However, it should be noted that not all figure skaters will be able to get sponsorships. This is usually only available to those who are at the top of their game and are competing at a high level.

#3. Endorsements

Endorsements are similar to sponsorships in that they are usually given by companies in exchange for the figure skater promoting their products.

The product promotion doesn’t necessarily have to be for products that the figure skater uses during competitions. It can be for any product that the company produces.

For example, a figure skater who is well-known and respected in the figure skating community may be asked to endorse a new line of figure skating clothing.

Endorsements can be a great way for figure skaters to make some extra income and to help promote products that they believe in.

#4. Giving Figure Skating lessons

Giving lessons is one way that different kinds of sportspeople like athletes or swimmers earn extra income. It’s no different for figure skaters.

Many figure skaters who have retired from competition or who are no longer actively skating choose to give skating lessons to beginner and intermediate-level skaters.

This is a great way for them to share their knowledge and love of skating with others while also earning some extra income.

#5. Holding Figure Ice Skating Clinics and Camps

Expanding on the previous point, some figure skaters choose to take their knowledge and expertise one step further by holding clinics and camps.

These are usually multi-day events where figure skaters teach other beginner and intermediate-level skaters different skating skills.

Apart from charging students for attending these clinics and camps, figure skaters may also be able to get sponsorships from companies to help cover the costs of holding these events.

#6. Working at Ice Rinks

Working at an ice rink is a great way for figure skaters to stay close to their sport and earn some extra income.

Ice Rinks are always in need of people to help with different tasks like ice resurfacing, Zamboni driving, working the front desk, or giving skating lessons.

Someone with figure skating experience would be a great asset to any ice rink so this is definitely something to consider if you’re looking for a job in the figure skating world.

#7. Working at Figure Skating Shows

The next step up from working at an ice rink is working at figure skating shows.

There are many different kinds of figure skating shows, from small local shows to large-scale professional productions. And they all need people to help make the show run smoothly.

Often retired figure skaters are invited to work at these shows in various capacities like choreographing routines, coaching skaters, or even performing themselves. They can also offer their services as commentators or judges for competitions.


So, how do figure skaters make money? In this article, we reviewed 7 ways in which they can earn money.

The most obvious for any athlete is prize money. It’s no different for figure skaters. Then comes sponsorships and endorsements. But these options are usually only available to figure skaters who are actively participating in competitions.

Once figure skaters stop participating in competitions, they still have other options to make money. This includes giving figure skating lessons, holding figure skating clinics and camps, and working at ice rinks and figure skating shows.