If you’re looking to lease or buy a new car, you might be considering going through a car leasing broker. In that case, a legitimate question you may ask is – How do car leasing brokers make money? It’s simple, really; car leasing brokers get paid commission on the deals they close.

Typically, this amounts to about 10% of the total vehicle cost including any down payment and trade-in allowance to the customer – but it can vary depending on your situation and the dealership’s requirements.

This means that car leasing brokers have just as much incentive as you do to work out a fair deal that satisfies both parties because they want to make money too! But is that all car leasing brokers get? How else do they make money?

What do Car Leasing Brokers Do?

Car leasing brokers are the middlemen between car dealerships and customers who are looking to lease a vehicle. These professionals help to negotiate the best possible deals for their clients, and they also take care of all of the paperwork involved in the process.

In exchange for their services, car leasing brokers typically charge a flat fee or a percentage of the total lease agreement. This fee can be paid by either the customer or the dealership, depending on the arrangements that have been made.

Now that we know a little bit more about what car leasing brokers do, let’s take a look at how they make money…

How Do Car Leasing Brokers Make Money?

  1. Finder’s Fees
  2. Commissions from the Dealership
  3. Residual Money left Over at the end of the Lease Term
  4. Tips & Bonuses from Buyers and Dealerships

#1. Finder’s Fees

A finder’s fee is a commission that is paid to someone who introduces a potential customer to a business. A finder in this sense refers to one who locates or serves as an agent for locating clients for a product or service supplier.

In the case of car leasing, brokers make money by finding customers for dealerships. The dealer pays them a finder’s fee. This is just like in the case of a real estate agent. Real estate agents will always expect their finder’s fee (or commission) when they help find a place through their connections. Similarly, the finder’s fee for car leasing brokers varies from broker to broker.

#2. Commission from the Dealership

Car leasing brokers can also earn commissions on the sale of cars through their connections with both the dealership and manufacturer. Car leasing brokers typically earn a commission from the dealership when they bring in a new customer.

The commission is usually a percentage of the total value of the lease, and it can vary depending on the broker and the dealership.

Some dealerships may offer a flat fee for each new customer that the broker brings in. Either way, car leasing brokers are compensated every time they make a sale. They help dealerships cut advertisement costs, so they are always appreciated – they are also a means of PR for dealerships.

#3. Residual Money left Over at the End of the Lease Term

Car leasing brokers make money by being paid a commission by the car dealership when they bring in a new customer. They also earn residual income by keeping a portion of the monthly payments made by the lessee. This residual income is typically a percentage of the total amount owed on the lease agreement.

In addition, car leasing brokers sometimes collect an additional commission from the dealer for facilitating the transaction. If you are shopping for a broker, find out how much he or she will receive and if it is negotiable.

#4. Tips & Bonuses from Buyers and Dealerships

Although tipping isn’t the main source of income for car leasing brokers, it is pretty common in the car leasing business. When car leasing brokers get customers the perfect car they’re looking for at the best possible rate, they typically tipped generously.

They also get bonuses from auto dealerships when they are consistent in bringing customers. The motive for dealerships is to encourage brokers to keep bringing business to them instead of taking it to their competitors in the market. 

These tips and bonuses can come in form of a higher commission and finder’s fee or as a separate payment to make a statement of appreciation.


When someone’s looking to buy or lease a car, they may choose to go through a car leasing broker. A car leasing broker acts as an intermediary between the car buyer and the dealer and tries to get the best deal for both sides.

So how do car leasing brokers make money? We reviewed 5 income sources for car leasing brokers. These include finder’s fees, commissions from the dealership, residual money left over at the end of the lease term, and tips or bonuses from buyers and dealerships.